On Shrubbery


Shrubbery should also be planted in late fall for similar reasons that the trees are planted at this time.  Many of the same rules for trees apply to shrubbery, with the exception that it may be possible to divide some overgrown shrubs on your property and plant the excess somewhere else.  This saves a trip to the nursery.   Plant the shrubs as you would a tree.

When you do buy new shrubs make sure not to get a plant that will grow very tall as this can be hard to keep pruned.  Once you have your shrubs established  you will only need to fertilize them once every three to four years or if they look like they need it.  In pruning wait until the shrubs have stopped flowering.  If you prune new growth in early spring it will cut back on the  number of blooms that you can enjoy.

Remove all dead wood from inside your shrubbery when pruning.  If you’ve got older shrubs cut a couple of the older wood branches down to the base.  This will give the new growth a chance.  If it appears that the inside of the shrub isn’t getting enough light to develop leaves selectively trim about thirty percent of the outer growth so that light can penetrate the shrub.  This will make it appear bushier in the long run.