Is a relationship healthy where someone hangs to your every word, and deed? How long can a person demonstrate unconditional acceptance to each of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors? Does your happiness have anything to do with others in your life? What would relationship advice experts say about your behavior in a relationship? Find the answers to relationship problems on this website.

Relationship Advice And Repair

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Welcome To Relationships Unlimited

Relationships Unlimited LLC is a company that looks at helping folks answer the most important question that will define how their life will evolve and what meaning they will find. The question is, “”Why Am I Here?” Relationships Unlimited focuses on helping others to gain the ability to think about what they want and desire and feel good about who they are. Many folks feel uninspired, depressed, and angry due to the various aspects of their life and need to find ways to find happiness and their purpose for being on this earth.

Believe it or not, you are not here by some accident and the sooner you realize that you have chose to be here for a divine purpose, the faster you are going to turn your life around and begin to find true happiness in your life. is my main website for outlining ways to heal hurt and regain love as this is a starting point for self discovery as to how your past hurts and personality have contributed to your ability or inability to know what you want and desire and begin to feel good everyday as your positive thoughts start to draw your purpose to you. Your conscious thoughts and beliefs have contributed to your emotions and whether or not you experience happiness. Your happiness is crucial for your interactions with others to remain healthy and meaningful.

I have two of my publications that are quick reads but initial pieces to your life puzzle.

Are you tired of breaking up and getting over the heart ache. Do your intimate connections suffer because you are in a long distance relationship, lack intimacy, or suffer commitment phobia ? Are you always the pursuer while on the receiving end of the silent treatment. Find ways to rekindle the flame you once had with your soul mate. Regain trust, closeness, and commitment by accessing relationship help. Find books and merchandise to promote getting the love that you want and desire!

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My Life Coaching blog is for visitors can form a community for real life discussions on love and relationships and to share information on ways to get the most out of life for happiness and well-being! Please visit my blog for relevant discussions and advice surrounding healthy and unhealthy interactions surrounding fear and love on the net. Parenting tips and parenting help can be found throughout my blog posts and articles. Your comments are encouraged and welcome! Enjoy!

This site not only features love advice, but also contains many excerpts from my book, I’m Sorry. You will find articles on love and relationships as well as how to save your marriage and dating tips.

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Featured Book:

I'm Sorry

“I´m Sorry”

Repairing a Hurtful Relationship

by Jay Krunszyinsky

A relationship guide for those who are searching for love

Relationship advice for parents, couples, teachers, clergy – all who touch the lives of others

“Have you ever searched for a good feeling through sex, drugs, material possessions,
or open expressions of anger or rage?”

This is just one of many questions used by Krunszyinsky as he leads readers through a journey of self-discovery and redirection in their own lives, and the lives of their children. This book provides relationship advice to each person in a relationship because each of us have brought about hurt to another person. To the public schools, Krunszyinsky urges that they adopt a system that helps students define and evaluate acceptable behavior as he offers a clear and precise method for doing so.

To parents, he outlines a Parenting Help plan for negotiating behavioral expectations with children and teaching them a daily habit of evaluation and atonement. Parenting help and parenting tips are discussed in this book and throughout this website. To couples, his book about relationships outlines behavioral expectations to help them regain their ability to express love, respect, and honesty to one another and he provides advice as to how to express these virtues in a relationship.

Finally, I´m Sorry gives the great gift of wisdom rich enough to teach the reader how to leave this
life with few regrets.

This book is not like other books about relationships.

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